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August 18, 2014

Protecting Your Tooth Enamel

When it comes to smiles, glossy, white teeth are king. As we age, many of us notice that our teeth become less shiny and begin to take on the shade of what we eat or drink (tea, mustard, coffee, or wines are all big contributors). While it’s easy to blame one specific cause, the real reason for less luminous teeth is a loss of tooth enamel. Toothpaste commercials would have us believe that rebuilding missing enamel is just a brushing away, but the reality is, at the moment there is no way to regrow tooth enamel; you can only protect it or harden it. So, what steps can you take to make sure your enamel stays healthy for the duration? Continue reading

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July 21, 2014

Can Dental Cleanings Save Your Life?

On the list of things that are thought to save your life, dental cleanings don’t usually compare to life vests, food storage, or vaccinations. However, dental cleanings can actually serve far beyond keeping your grin looking golden and your teeth staying healthy. When you visit our Newport Beach dental office our dental hygienist not only checks the health of your gums, she also checks for other signals that your health is in order. So, while a dental cleaning may not save your life directly, it can play a key role in determining your overall health. What is your hygienist looking for during your dental cleaning? Continue reading

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July 7, 2014

Do You Really Need to Use Toothpaste?

Stroll down any super market aisle and you’re bound to see dozens of different toothpaste flavors, brands, age-motivated, and symptom-specific choices; mint, cinnamon, bubblegum, enamel hardening, desensitizing, powder, gel, paste, and the list goes on! Selecting which “paste” is best for your teeth can be tricky, but would you like to know a secret? Aside from containing fluoride, it doesn’t really matter which toothpaste you settle for. What matters most is that you use toothpaste when you brush your teeth, that it provides enough fluoride to protect your teeth from decay, and that it has a symbol showing it has been approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). Continue reading

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June 24, 2014

Kid’s Dental Health Crafts and Activities for Summer

Despite our current June Gloom, the state of California is gearing up for summer. Kids are gleefully out of school and enjoying full days of freedom. Even with swim lessons, beach trips, and playing at the park you’re guaranteed to hear “I’m bored!” at least once during the week. Planning fun, educational activities is a great way to combat boredom and keep young minds in gear. Our office scoured the internet and came up with some fun, education dental crafts and activities to keep your “littles” busy and to prepare them for dental cleanings. Continue reading

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June 3, 2014

Men’s Dental Health Awareness and National Men’s Health Week

It’s National Men’s Health Week, which means that the Center for Reconstructive Dentistry, along with many other men’s health advocates, will be sharing information about common men’s health issues as well as preventative measures that can help. Dental health is important for men and women alike; however, unfortunately, many studies have shown that men tend to take poorer care of their teeth than women do. According to a study in the April Journal of Periodontology, women take a more proactive approach to tending their teeth, which results in healthier teeth and perhaps better health overall. Continue reading

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May 20, 2014

The Benefits of Dental Whitening in Newport Beach

It’s almost summer and that means it’s time for vacations, beach trips, backyard BBQ, and most likely plenty of pictures. If you’re thinking about making a change to your warm weather look, a photo-ready grin is an excellent accessory that’s always in style. One of the fastest, most affordable ways to achieve a gorgeous Hollywood-worthy smile is through teeth whitening at our Newport Beach cosmetic dental office. At the Center for Reconstructive Dentistry our expert esthetic dentists will help you safely and effectively achieve a brilliant, bold natural-appearing smile. Continue reading

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May 6, 2014

Dental Lasers Can Eliminate the Need for Drilling at the Dentist Office

When you think about visiting the dentist for a cavity treatment, you probably, unfortunately, associate getting a filling with both pain and the buzzing of drills. However, advancements in dental technology have created a new method for quiet, minimally painful (if at all painful), drill-less “drilling” by combining lasers and cold water to improve the removal of decay and tissue. Continue reading

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April 24, 2014

What is Gingivitis?

When you hear the word gingivitis, you may associate it with dental pain, destroyed gums, and tooth loss. While gingivitis may eventually lead to those things, the first signs are not always so obvious. Often, the only indicator of gingivitis is swollen or mildly bleeding gums. And because it’s easy to attribute bleeding gums to being overly-ambitious while flossing or brushing, many people overlook common gingivitis symptoms until they have progressed into periodontisis (a gum infection that can damage soft tissue and bone in your mouth). Continue reading

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April 15, 2014

Dental Implants: Are They the Right Choice for You?

There is a lot of hype about dental implants these days. As techniques improve, more and more people are beginning to consider dental implants as an option to replace missing teeth from injury, periodontal disease, or another cause. In past times, people relied on uncomfortable and often unnatural appearing dentures or bridges to replace lost teeth, however, with the improvement of dental implants, patients of our Newport Beach cosmetic dentist office now have the option of beautiful, natural looking dental implants. Continue reading

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March 25, 2014

The Difference Between Dental Bonding and Dental Veneers

dental-veneers-newport-beachAt The Center for Reconstructive Dentistry we often have patients ask us what the difference is between dental bonding and dental veneers. While both materials are attached to the front of your tooth for a beautiful, cleaner appearance, there are some real significant differences in which purpose each method is intended for. Understanding the difference can help you decide which procedure is your best option at your next visit to our Newport Beach Dental Office. Continue reading

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